Chassis Wand PRO


Chassis Wand-PRO is the only Spray Lance on the automotive market that has been specifically designed to reach up to 3 metres deep within a vehicles internal voids and cavities. The Lance is small enough in diameter to access these cavities through small drain holes, behind wiring gaiters /grommets and captive nut fixings on bodywork etc. Surfaces previously inaccessible can now be processed and protected from corrosion for the first time with guaranteed accuracy and consistent treatment thickness.

Gaps between components that have been serious moisture and salt traps can now be properly accessed and treated. The need for extensive disassembly of Bodywork, Door and Chassis components is removed with the ultra-slim 4mm Diameter Lance. The Chassis Wand-PRO can simply, quickly and effectively address any specific internal and external corrosion vulnerability on your vehicle. Dirt traps within and behind structures can be degreased and washed clean prior to processing with the Chassis Wand-PRO

Suitable treatments
The Chassis Wand has been designed to fog atomise and spray –
• Clear Waxoyl (Diluted 40% to 50% white spirit).
• Black Waxoyl (Diluted 50% to 60% white spirit).

The dilution with white spirit will assist atomization allow the Waxoyl to assume an even coat and (importantly) promote ability to capillary into small seams and crevices before fully solidifying as the white spirit evaporates.

Note – It is important to thoroughly pre-mix the Waxoyl and White spirit in a clean container before transferring to the Chassis Wand flask, failing to do this may cause the neat Waxoyl to solidify in the Dip-tube.

• Duck Oil maintenance spray (No dilution).
• WD40 maintenance spray (No dilution).
• Rust conversion fluids (see manufacturer’s guidelines).
• Degreasers and detergents.
• Water flush.

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